Capstan Security (Wessex) Ltd can supply and install various security door locks to suit your requirements.  We also supply, install and maintain emergency and external lighting.
  • Night Latch Locks 
  • Cylinder Locks
  • Mortice Locks 
  • Digital Locks

Please contact us for further details.
External Security and Emergency Lighting
Emergency lighting provides assurance in an emergency situation when the main power supply is cut and any normal illumination fails. The loss of mains electricity could be the result of a fire or a power cut, and may lead to sudden darkness and a possible danger to the occupants, either through physical danger or panic. 
Emergency lighting is normally required to operate automatically and give illumination of a sufficiently high level to enable all occupants to evacuate the premises safely. 
External security lights can be very useful around the house and garden, or in the office car park and yard for crime prevention and can automatically light up with motion detection. 

Please contact us for further details.
Capstan Security (Wessex) Ltd supply, install and maintain Bell System audio and video door entry systems.  Door entry systems are designed to restrict and control access points to your property and can be installed to all types of premises from domestic single door control through to apartment and commercial properties.
900 Series Audio Door Entry Systems 
These systems are available from a one way model up to any size. 
The SPA panels are a popular choice due to their high durability, resistance to corrosion and low cost. These panels are designed with an attractive and contemporary style and are available surface or flush up to 10 ways. The larger panels are of a more classic style and are available flush fitting only. 
Bellini Systems 
These surface mounted panels are manufactured from anodised aluminium with a contemporary design and profile. The panels have black plastic trims complementing the stylish panel with contrasting chromed pushbuttons and speech grill. Optional nameplate illumination is available. The front panels are hinged from the back box and the hinges can easily be changed from one side to the other to aid their installation in tight locations.  
Bellini audio systems
Each audio system includes a surface mounting Bellini panel, white wall-mounting telephones, speech unit and a power supply.  Available in 1 to 12 button sizes.  
Bellini combined audio and coded access systems
Each combined system includes a surface mounting Bellini panel with integral keypad, white wall-mounting telephones, speech unit and a power supply. Available in sizes 1 to 6 buttons.  
Bellini colour video systems
Each video system includes a surface mounting Bellini panel with colour CCD camera, video telephones with a 3.5" colour TFT, speech unit, controllers and a power supply. Available in sizes 1 to 8 buttons. 

Bellissimo Colour Video Door Entry Systems 
The Bellissimo video door entry system is a versatile security product for controlling access to residential homes, blocks of flats and commercial premises. The video telephone allows the resident to view a caller at the entrance, speak with them and have control of their access. The Bellissimo system is suitable for all requirements from a single station up to complex multi-dwelling apartment blocks. 

Bellfree Colour Video Door Entry Systems 
It operates with true ‘hands-free’ speech with outstanding clarity. Its sophisticated and universal appeal makes it the ideal choice for new build apartment blocks and refurbishments.The bellfree system is compatible with the Bellissimo video telephone (model BS) and the Bellissimo audio telephone (model BS-A). This makes it a perfect solution for mixed housing developments and also allows for added options for extension telephones. 

BT Telephone Door Entry Systems 
The BT1 Telephone interface offers the convenience of operating a door entry system from an existing BT style telephone without interfering with its normal usage. All types of domestic telephones are compatible with the BT1 including cordless DECT telephones which are of great benefit to those people with limited mobility. The interface may also connect onto a telephone switchboard (PABX). 
In addition to conversing with a caller at the front door panel the resident may allow them access by operating the lock release directly from their telephone. 

VRK Vandal Resistant  
These systems have been devised for areas that are prone to external vandalism. The panels are manufactured from 2.5 mm 316 marine grade* stainless steel. 

DDA Door Entry Systems 
These door entry panels and systems are designed to meet the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA). This Act requires service providers and landlords to consider making reasonable adjustments to the physical features of their premises to overcome physical barriers to access. The Bell DDA panels have been designed to address the varying interpretations and compliance with the legislation with regards to door entry systems. 

Please contact us for further details or to arrange a site visit.
Capstan Security (Wessex) Ltd supply, install and maintain fire alarm systems to current BS5839 standards.
As a long established company we use only the best quality equipment.
  • C-TEC is a leading UK independent manufacturer of quality life safety electronic equipment. 
  • Apollo is the world's largest independent manufacturer of smoke detectors. 
Addressable Fire Alarm Systems 
An addressable fire alarm is designed to provide accurate indications of each detection device on the system and can pinpoint fire activation.  They are generally used in larger installations to help reduce search time in locating a fire.

Addressable alarm systems connect devices using a loop. This is where one wire connects all devices, and both ends of the wire loop connect to the control panel. 

Conventional Fire Alarm Systems 
A conventional fire alarm is generally designed for smaller installations. 
There is no way of pinpointing the exact location of the fire. However, by wiring your building into different zones, you can get a general idea of where the fire is.  
With a conventional alarm, each device will be connected to the control panel via its own wire, rather than a shared one.  One end of the wire connects to the device and the other to the control panel.  

Devices for Fire Alarm Systems 
Devices that can be connected to your fire alarm system include: 
  • Manual Call Points 
  • Smoke Detectors 
  • Heat Detectors 
  • Sounders 
  • Visual Indicators 
Please contact us for further details or to arrange a site visit.
Regulatory Reform Order (Fire Safety Order) 2005 
There are a variety of configurations of Automatic Fire Detection and Alarm systems designated by L,P and M codes with sub categories to denote the type of coverage the system should have, and they are derived from BS5839: 2002 which is the main standard relating to the fitting of such systems. 
View the Government Guide for your type of business
There are several Types of Fire Systems and they are designated by Letters as follows: 

"M" Fire Alarm Systems 
These comprise of Manual Call Points where recommended to raise the Alarm throughout the building, usually found on escape routes, staircases etc. There is no Automatic Fire Detection built in and is operated by someone raising the alarm. 
"L" Fire Alarm Systems 
These are concerned primarily with preserving life, and enabling all occupants other than those immediately affected by the fire, to make good their escape from the building. There are several categories within the L system identified as L1 through to L5 (lesser). The sub categories denote the type of Automatic sensors, sirens and beacons to be fitted and where. 
As these systems are designed primarily to evacuate the building and prevent loss of life/injury, the system may not automatically call for the brigade and protection of property is dealt with by P Fire Alarm Systems. 
"P" Fire Alarm Systems 
These denote an Automatic Fire Detection System installed to take on the additional task on not only preserving life but protecting the building and contents as well when the building is quiet and unoccupied. The system should automatically dial out to the Brigade as a matter of course. Again there are various sub categories from P1 to P5, where the type of protection from the sensors used may be varied.

Fire Systems may be configured by mixing and matching categories to produce an alarm fit for purpose in any particular premises.  Also bear in mind that the construction of the building should be such that fire resistant materials are to be used that can slow down the spread of a major fire and its gases, thus giving people the time they need to escape once the alarm is raised. The object of the Automatic Fire Detection system is to raise the alarm at the earliest possible moment to allow an escape.
Capstan Security (Wessex) Ltd supply, install and maintain access control systems. The systems are designed to restrict and control access to your property and can be installed to all types of properties.
Paxton access control systems range from the Compact Standalone for one door control to the powerful PC based access control systems. 
Compact Range 
The compact range is an ideal standalone access solution for internal (low security) doors. A compact system comprises an integrated reader and control unit, which are quick and easy to install. Simple token management using card packs makes administration of the system very easy. Compact systems are available in proximity, magstripe and keypad variants, and are ideal for smaller sites.
  1. Proximity P series compact reader
  2. Power supply 
  3. Electric lock 
  4. Exit buttons
Net2 Range 
Net2 is an advanced PC based access control solution. Net2 offers centralised administration and control of sites from one to hundreds of doors and with up to 50,000 users. Perfectly tailor access privileges to groups or individuals quickly and easily using intuitive, user-friendly software. Event reports can be generated in a few clicks and the single-door architecture makes specifying, installing and maintaining the system easy. Advanced features such as site graphics, IP camera integration and 'Triggers and Actions' further extend the capabilities of this cutting-edge system.
  1. Net2 software
    The access control system is administered from the PC using the Net2 software. Users can be added, reports created and much more.

  2. Communications converter
    This device connects the control units with the Net2 PC directly via its serial port. 

  3. Door components:
  • Control unit - one required for every door.  Able to permit or deny access to users without communication to the PC.
  • Reader - one or two readers can be fitted to each door.  A wide range of readers are compatible with Net2 including proximity, magstripe, keypads and biometric.
  • Exit button - Any ‘push to make’ button can be used.  
  • Electric lock - The Net2 control unit has voltage free relay contacts, meaning it is capable of operating any type of electric lock.
Switch2 Range 
Switch2 is a standalone product suitable for external use in applications requiring high levels of security.  Comprising a separate control unit and reader (the control unit is installed in a safe area to avoid tampering), Switch2 systems are a scaleable, easy-to-manage access solution ideal for small to medium sites.  Switch2 uses the same ingenious token management system as the compact system, and is also available with proximity, magstripe and keypad variants.
  1. Switch2 Controllers
  2. Proximity Readers – P Series
  3. Exit Buttons
  4. Electric Locks
Capstan Security (Wessex) Ltd supply, install and maintain Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Systems to SSAIB standards.  CCTV is a security measure that has proved successful at deterring criminal activity for many commercial and domestic customers, and offers valuable evidence of criminal activity allowing the perpetrators to be brought to justice. CCTV can be used for the security protection of premises, property, equipment, staff or customers.
We can design any system tailor-made to the individual client’s requirements for premises such as warehouses & factories, office blocks, shops, restaurants, garages, schools, leisure centres, community halls & domestic houses. 
All our CCTV Systems are installed (i) using only high quality equipment from our reliable suppliers and (ii) using high quality installation techniques. 

HikVision is the world's largest supplier of video surveillance products and solutions. The company specializes in video surveillance technology, as well as designing and manufacturing a full-line of innovative CCTV and video surveillance products.  
A recorder is the device that stores all the images onto internal hard drives and allows connection over the internet so that images can be viewed securely on a remote computer or Smartphone. Events can be backed up to DVD or USB stick when necessary from the recorder. Systems are easy to use. 
  • DVR (Digital Video Recorder) 
  • HD DVR (High Definition Digital Video Recorder) 
  • NVR (Network Video Recorder) with IP Cameras. 

We use the highest quality internal & external cameras specific to your needs: 
  • Dome Cameras 
  • Body Cameras 
  • Colour Cameras 
  • Covert Cameras 
  • IR Cameras (new) 
Please contact us for further details or to arrange a site visit.
View the CCTV Code of Practice.

The introduction of the Data Protection Act means that most CCTV installations designed to provide either crime prevention, crime detection or to enhance the safety of the public will now have to comply with the requirements of the Act.

The Act applies to commercial and public CCTV systems only, so if your system is for your own private residence you do not need to comply with it.

If your CCTV system includes a video recorder (analogue or digital), it is now a legal requirement that you operate the system in accordance with the Data Protection Act.

The Basic Requirements of the Act are that you:

  • Display warning signs to show that CCTV cameras are recording
  • Log all of your recordings, as well as who changes the tapes and when
  • Label each tape
  • Keep all your recorded tapes and video recorders secure
  • Register
  • Notify the Information Commissioner online or by telephone on 01625 545700, and pay a fee (currently £35)

As an SSAIB Approved Installer we supply, install and maintain Intruder Alarm Systems to the current PD6662:2010 and BS8243:2010 standards for Residential and Commercial Properties.
Whether you require a police response system or an audible system, we can carry out a free site risk assessment to design a suitable system catered for your requirements. We also do takeovers and upgrades to existing systems installed by other companies. 

All alarm systems installed will comply with Grade 2 to Grade 4 policies for all Insurance Companies and ACPO (Association of Chief Police Officers).  We use only the highest quality equipment on the market chosen for their high standards of reliability. 

The Control Panels:
  • Texecom Premier Elite range of control panels are ideal for medium and large sized premises whether for residential or commercial properties. 
  • Scantronic 9651 are ideal for entry level systems designed to meet the needs of small residential and commercial properties. 
  • Texecom Ricochet equipment is suitable for all wireless intruder alarm systems. 
A wide range of devices can be connected to the alarm system, such as: 
  • Movement Detectors 
  • Smoke and Heat Detectors 
  • Magnetic Contacts 
  • Panic Devices 
  • Vibration Detectors 
  • Break Glass Detectors 
  • Internal Sounders or Master Blasters 
  • Safe Limpets 
  • CO2 Detectors 
  • Fob / Smart Key 
  • Comm Port to Operate the Alarm System via a smart phone 
Our suppliers include Texecom, Scantronic, Optex, Apollo, Elmdene and CQR.
There are several types of Intruder Alarm Systems: 
  • Audible only system - when the alarm activates it does not call any key holders or police but the sirens ring to notify the neighbours. 
  • Audible system with Dialler (speech only or speech and text) - these units are designed to transmit a verbal message or a text message to a number of telephones (maximum of eight) for key holder response only. 
  • Monitored alarm systems are fitted with an Alarm Transmission Device to provide remote signalling that will notify key holders and police.

BT Redcare offer various signalling devices including Redcare Secure that comes in three variants and benefits from being a dual path system, meaning that two separate routes are used to signal the alarms to the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). In the event of one path being faulty or unavailable, the alarm message will be delivered over the other path. 

CSL Dualcom uses any available UK GPRS/GSM network and a telephone and/or IP path to signal an alarm to the ARC (Alarm Receiving Centre). Utilising multiple paths means there is a back-up path in the event of an accidental or deliberate fault on any path. CSL Dualcom also offers an alarm signalling device via a radio path (GPRS/GSM) from the protected premises to the ARC as well as a digital communicator. 

WebWayOne offer a secure dual path alarm signalling system.  It can detect faults and measures performance in any network with real time remote diagnostics. 

Southern Monitoring Services, who have been in the industry for over 25 years, are the Alarm Receiving Centre used by Capstan Security (Wessex) Ltd for all our monitored systems. They are the largest independent receiving centre for Alarm and Remote Video in the UK. 
Please contact us for further details or to arrange a site visit.

We are pleased to be able to supply a wide range of safes for enhanced security at your home or business premises. With sizes to suit almost any position and a variety of security damage-limitation options, we are confident that you will find the safe that meets your needs.

We can fit most items in the catalogue on your premises for a fixed fee.

First, a safe needs to be strong and reliable. 
With a strongbox from BURG-WÄCHTER you will always have made the safe choice. 
For an extra security at home or in your business. We offer a very large range. 
Do not give burglars a chance: Store cash money, documents and a lot more in a BURG-WÄCHTER safety cabinet.
The selection shown below is just a sample of our most popular options. Please download a catalogue for more details on our full selection.

We'd love you to contact us for more information and to check availability. We'll be happy to advise on the best product to suit your needs and book an appointment for fitting.
External 315x445x425mm
Internal 207x341x296mm
External 510x445x425mm
Internal 402x341x296mm
External 790x485x450mm
Internal tbc
Fire Safe - 60 minutes (for paper)
SS0102E (Electronic)         
External 250 x 350 x 250mm
Internal 240 x 340 x 210mm
SS0105E (Electronic)         
External 560 x 370 x 445mm
Internal 556 x 366 x 435mm
Cash cover £1,000 /
Valuables £10,000

P3E Laptop (Electronic)         
External 200 x 445 x 380 mm
P4E (Electronic)         
External 500 x 416 x 350 mm
P1S (Key)         
External 180 x 280 x 200 mm
P2S (Key)         
External 255 x 350 x 300 mm
P3S (Key)         
External 320 x 442 x 350 mm
Cash cover £1,000 /
Valuables £10,000

Emergency key override

Wall and fingerscan safes also available

H 1 E (Electronic)         
External 278 x 402 x 376 mm
H 4 E (Electronic)         
External 528 x 435 x 382 mm
Cash cover £2,000 /
Valuables £20,000

Protective material for basic fire resistance.

CL 20 E (Electronic)         
External 360 x 495 x 445 mm
Cash cover £4,000 /
Valuables £40,000

Certified for 30 minutes fire protection
Locking bolts on 2 sides

0933 (Electronic)         
External 560 x 370 x 445mm
Internal 532 x 363 x 375mm
Hotel / Business / Home Safe

Cash cover £1,500 /
Valuables £15,000

Our range of post boxes has proven very popular with customers, and with good reason. They are a practical alternative to energy-inefficient door slots and really enhance the look of your property.

All our products are secure while also providing easy access for delivery services and ample space for everyday use. Most models offer a paper box as standard or as an optional add-on for keeping newspaper deliveries dry.
The selection shown below is just a sample of our most popular options. Please download a catalogue for more details on our full selection.

We'd love you to contact us for more information and to check availability. We'll be happy to advise on the best product to suit your needs and book an appointment for fitting.
  • Piano lacquer effect 
  • Made of high quality plastic 
  • Integrated Paper Holder & interior light 
  • Includes an opening stop for easy & safe removal of post 

Available in various colours - Merlot, Granite, Light Blue, Fresh Green, Marine Blue, Red, Black, White 

Stainless steel door & galvanised steel housing in matt black
Available in white & silver 
Made of high quality plastic  
A new dimension in form & function 
Invisible locking system 
Extremely weatherproof 
Available in white& silver 
Compact Letter Box 
Made of high quality plastic 
Classic 2
Powder Coated Galvanised Steel 
Name Plate Window 
Available in White, Black, & Green 
Powder Coated Galvanised Steel 
Suitable for grouping together 
Available in White & Black 
Powder Coated Galvanised Steel 
For use on the inside of letterplate 
Keeps mail tidy & away from pets 
Available in Silver
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